Realize the full potential of your Playstation 3
Jailbroken PS3's in mint condition the consoles have only been opened to jailbreak, clean & apply new thermal paste, they all come with 1 controller, USB cable, HDMI or AV cable & power cable.

With a jailbroken PS3 you can back up games to the hard drive and play without ever needing the disc's again.

You can still play online as they have the latest PSN Patch installed to prevent jailbreak from being detected.

We also perform upgrades and sell controllers, hard drives, cables and a range of accessories, contact us for a free quote.

You can find our products for sale on trademe

PS3 Jailbreak
If you would like us to jailbreak your PS3 first have a look at our FAQ page to see if your particular model can actually be jailbroken as not all models can be done, if your model can be done we have a flat fee of $80 per jailbreak which includes fully cleaning out the console, applying new thermal paste and the jailbreak. Contact us to arrange payment and shipping.