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What do i need to know before using my jailbroken PS3?

1. When you select a game in multiman you will be returned to the main XMB menu and the game will be loaded to the Playstation3 folder (app_home) above the install package files option.

2. If you intend to play online you must launch the PSN Patch before signing in to PSN this prevents the jailbreak from being detected, just launch the patch and press X at the options screen, you will then here a beep to indicate patch is activated.

3. After the patch is activated do not launch multiman again until the next restart or the BD-Rom Emulator will become disabled preventing games from being loaded.

4. Never update the system firmware or the PS3 will no longer be jailbroken, if ever you get a message saying you need to update before you can go online you simply update the spoof (see downloads page) subscribe to our newsletter for notifications, game updates are fine.

General Questions

Q. How do i copy a game to the PS3's internal hard drive?
A. Launch Multiman and then go to the game and press triangle for options.

Q. Which model PS3's can be jailbroken?
A. Fat model PS3's CECH-H to CECH-Q and slim model PS3's CECH-20 to CECH-25 up to date code 0D

Q. Why after selecting a game in multiman and returning to the XMB menu the game is not loading to app_home?
A. If you launch multiman while the PSN Patch is activated the BD-Rom Emulator becomes disabled, this also happens if you load a game while there is a movie or music disc in the disc drive, to reset this launch multiman and go to the settings menu and enable BD-Rom then restart console.

Q. After installing a game update why does it give me an error code?
A. Updates are made to run on the latest official firmware you simply need to load the game again in multiman and you will be prompted to apply the patch.

Q. Where are we located?
A. We are located in Dargaville Northland
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