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We jailbreak PS3's which is when the system bios of your PS3 is modified to
allow the installation of custom firmware which adds extra functions to your
PS3 such as the ability to back up your games to the PS3's hard drive and play without needing the disc's again, this saves your disc's from getting damaged and reduces the wear on the PS3's bluray drive.
PS3 Jailbreak
PS3 Being Jailbroken
We sell pre jailbroken consoles and can provide you with packages tailor made to suit your needs, we also offer a wide range of accesories and perform upgrades such as the installation of larger hard drives.
PS3 Sales
Important things to remember when you have a jailbroken console:

1. Never update the system firmware or your console will no longer be jailbroken, if asked to update in order to play online contact us imediately and we will provide you with the necessary update (assuming we have not done so already).

2. Always make sure to activate the PSN Patch before signing in to the PSN Network this will prevent Sony from detecting the jailbreak and banning you from PSN.
If you have any questions feel free to contact us and join our Facebook Group, also we recommend you subscribe to our newsletter for important announcements and notifications.
Check out our sales page if you are looking to buy a jailbroken console, we offer competitive pricing and excellent customer support services with phone support if needed.

If you would like us to jailbreak your PS3 first have a look at our FAQ page to see if your particular model can actually be jailbroken as not all models can be done, if your model can be done we have a flat fee of $80 per jailbreak which includes fully cleaning out the console, applying new thermal paste and the jailbreak. Contact us to arrange payment and shipping.

Our downloads section is regularly updated and has all the latest updates and addons that you will require for your jailbroken PS3
We offer basic repair services, if you have a problem with your PS3 contact us with a brief description of your problem and we will look in to the matter for you and get back to you with a free quote

Our Frequently Asked Questions section is a great place to start if you have questions about the general usage of your jailbroken PS3